We believe you are uniquely and beautifully made!

Each of us is beautiful in our own way.  We were created that way.  We were not designed to compare ourselves to each other, or wish we had what another has, but to find our own gifts.  We hope that when you come into our shop whether physically or online, that you feel special and find something that helps you reflect the person you want to show the world.  We hope to find that inner you. The girl that still wants to swing high on the swing, letting your hair flow behind, or take a quiet picnic to the woods or lake with a book tucked in her picnic basket, or the free spirited traveler that takes off on a whim to do and experience something new today. 

Believe it or not, your clothing, jewelry, purse choices are a reflection of who you are and who you are expressing to the world. Even if you can't take that picnic today or jump in your car and go, you're choices in fashion express your desires.  Whether you choose a soft floral pattern over a bright mint, or a bold Aztec pattern over a cream lace tunic says something about you, and its not right or wrong...it's just you! 

Valerie & I have a love for supporting our local artists and creators in our Nashville area and around the United States.  We strive to find jewelry and clothing designs that because of the individual artist's personalities and gifts, we can also find things to express your unique and beautiful self.


Stacy & Valerie